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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Movie Stars

June 5, 2017
    Well today was interesting. It was just a normal p-day honestly until President called and wanted us to take a video for the missionary departments to use.  He has a way of making you feel important, haha.  Like, “This is an assignment from the quorum of the twelve and they need your help with it….yeah.”  Just that little bit of difference in the way he asks for help says a lot about his leadership example.  Anyway, he wanted a video of a recent convert (painful reminder of our lack of baptisms right now) and of them introducing themselves and explaining how the missionaries found them.  With Elder A.’s filming skills and my…Idk, good looks (?), we were able to find someone and make a decent video.  It even had one of those fancy release forms for all of us to sign.  (I put my name as the photographer and Elder A. name as the missionary, haha)  Later that night we taught this really stubborn man who has done a lot of study in the Bible relying largely upon his personal interpretation.  We discussed for a while and didn’t get anywhere.  He has read some of the Book of Mormon but wasn’t too interested.  We testified and left.  It was kind of a waste of time answering ridiculously unimportant questions that he would have understood if he would have wanted to actually learn.  He just wanted to preach to us.  But at least we learned that testimony works better than opinion.  He also asked me if he was going to receive salvation and I told him not without baptism, which I don’t think he liked very much.  AND that was our day.

June 6, 2017
    Well today we went to Playa Grande! Ironically, it’s in the mountains.  We have a grand total of ZERO investigators out there so we just contacted for four hours.  It was pretty cool, it’s a tiny colonia with more horses than cars.  Everyone was Catholic though.  Not much else to say.  We didn’t have a ton of success, only a couple people to visit, and it was actually kind of discouraging. There was also this one cowgirl who was like, dangerously pretty, and she knew how to ride.  I definitely still don’t have “missionary goggles” yet, or whatever you call them.  Oh well, just means there’s still more progress to go.  Also a less active young single adult completely rejected us …pretty sad.
June 7, 2017
    Oh man, today.  We had a money catastrophe today.  We went to take lout some money from an ATM and it ate all of Elder A’s money. We went to the bank and they turned us away.  We called the offices to tell them what happened and they said that they would take care of everything, which is awesome, but he still doesn’t have any money.  We also had our district class today, which was okay, not my best, but it’s kind of hard to talk about our zone conference for five weeks in a row.  Well, there’s actually a ton to talk about still, but I am not that good teaching assigned topics.  In other news, our investigator, V. rejected us today. She feels to entrenched with her Catholic upbringing to change and she is full of doubts.  Mexicans have a habit of praying only for help for other people so when you tell them that they can pray for help for themselves, they think it is strange.  Anyway, she refused to set another appointment though she said that she would think about it and call us….  It’s just sad.  Satan has so much influence over us when we choose not to act.
June 8, 2017
    Today we at a ton of food.  A member gave us breakfast and we ate at 4 in the afternoon as well. We had a lesson with C who is doing all right.  He keeps meeting with us, so that is something.  Then we did weekly planning, one to the junta and talked for an hour with the other missionaries there.  We talked movies and stuff, which was very distracting and did not make me feel good.  Now that I understand how the “eye single to the glory of God” thing works.

June 9, 2017
    We had so good lessons today and we ate pizza which makes for a great day overall.  Honestly, I am not too huge of a fan of pizza when you have to walk a lot after eating it.  It puts me to sleep.  Anyway, we taught C and it was really cool.  Elder A. showed him a video called,  “The Hope of God’s Light” which was perfect for him.  He 100% felt the Spirit and even told us so.  We will see if he follows what he felt now.  Who knows.  I am just glad that my companion is into the work and listens to the Spirit.  We also had a lesson with G which went pretty well except for the fact that the ward mission leader that we brought with us fell asleep. I completely understand how he feels though, it’s rough sometimes. But seriously he was acting really really strange.
June 11, 2017
    In these last two days, I have learned a large lesson of missed chances and consequences.  We went to teach JM and he was talking to a youngish looking man who seemed really down.  I felt like we needed to talk to him, but we went to our next appointment instead.  That appointment wasn’t there, so we went back to see if we could talk to the young man, but unfortunately he had already left.  The lesson is that we found out later that he has a little daughter who was very sick and he didn’t have any money for medicine for her.  Distraught, he went to his Uncle, JM, to ask for guidance.  The young man said, “I don’t have any money, but I have a pistol and I feel like my only option is to go steal the medicine.”  His uncle talked him out of it, and his daughter ended up recovering, but for a moment I felt like I had failed.
     One of our investigators is struggling a lot. He doesn’t believe that anyone is influenced by other people, whether for the good or for the bad.  He told me that he had never felt the desire to help someone in need, not even a struggling friend, EVER. He is a hard person to teach.  

June 12, 2017
    The changes have passed and basically nothing changed haha looks like I have another change with Elder Anderson, Which is pretty nice I have to admit(I just wish he was Latino, other than that it’s pretty much perfect haha. 

    Just Today I was listening to a conference talk from October of 2015 titled "What Lack I yet?" By Larry R. Lawrence, and It caused a certain amount of relflection for me. He states: “We need to ask the Lord for directions along the way. We have to ask some difficult
questions, like “What do I need to change?” “How can I improve?” “What weakness
needs strengthening?”
    Now its very very simple that we already know, But I would invite you to listen to the talk and apply it to our lives. I intend to apply it this week too. One Thing that stood out to me is that these things apply not only to major life decisions but also very small changes that we must make in order to bring about the work that God wants hopes for us. I think it applies to Alma´s teachings in Alma 37:6-7. So the invitation is really pretty simple; listen to the talk and see if it works for you.

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