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Thursday, June 21, 2018

May 2018 Indepencia Zone conference

May Zone Conference and Interviews

May Missionary Fatigue - FInal Stretch

 May 7, 2018
Oh my goodness its already week 6 of the change!  This change has absolutely flown by. Last week we had the baptism of Manuel, his older brother is a member and he and his brother have been listening to the missionaries. His brother Jairo was originally atheist/agnostic, but has been coming to church and really likes it. After the baptism he told us that he would like to baptized too! After the baptism it started to pour, like really pour. the sewer system in Guadalajara is pretty okay but the streets still were literal rivers. 
We also had mission council which lasted all day long. from 10 to 7:30. It was really good as always and always inspires me to do more. 
        I think in these last months of the mission fatigue is really my worst enemy. I feel like I’m in my training again. I even fell asleep in a lesson yesterday! That hasn’t happened in forever. These two years are finally taking a toll, but I just gotta keep working. It’s hard to want to get to contact and work even if the Spirit indicates to do so, but I know that if I work to increase my love for the Savior I can endure and be diligent to the end. I think that this applies to everyone. Fatigue is the common enemy of all. But if we continually work on increasing our love for the Lord, we will not tire of the commandments or the covenant path back to the Father.
Asi que echemos todas las ganas que podamos. Les amo, pienso en ustedes mucho, We have planned to do the video call at 6 on Sunday our time, which is 4 in Spokane I think, 5 in Utah. This call will be a completely different atmosphere than in Barra. In our area you can go from 1st world to 3rd world in a 25 minute bus ride. We’ve had lessons where you sit on a bucket or in the dirt to teach. It’s humbling to say the least. 
Please pray for the work and for us. We have so much to do and so much to improve.

May 21, 2018
Hola familia!  Everything is going well here in Guadalajara! enjoying the sun and the steadily rising temperatures. The good thing is that now we have two more elders in Auditorio. Now our workload should be a lot more manageable. I’m extremely grateful. 
This week was kinda slow. We had very few new investigators, fecha metas, or people in sacrament meeting (members and investigators alike.) It was just rather slow, which frustrates me because we’ve worked hard to invite people back to church, but have a hard time motivating the members to help us.  In the Elder’s quorum they’re still talking about the organization of the quorum and haven’t assigned any ministering bretheren yet. They literally have done nothing. The second counselor of the quorum presidency was called but he left before the third hour so he wasn’t set apart. Neither the president or the first counselor were there. I left church feeling annoyed honestly and discouraged for the excess of talk and lack of action. Then in companionship study I realized that I needed to change something. Instead of feeling annoyed, I simply need to keep working, keep trying. It’s not my place to criticize or think like that. I think it shows that I still need to work on being more humble
One of our investigators, Pedro, is really progressing. He came to church randomly, and we got to know him there, but every lesson really helps him out and he’s determined to make and keep baptismal covenants with the Lord. I can really see his true intent. He is simply searching for a purpose, something that can give him lasting joy and peace in this life. He has truly humbled himself and told us, "I have lots of weird ideas, teach me and show me what I need to change and which of those ideas are wrong" and "I really think that teachers appear when one is ready to learn. I think you are those teachers and want to learn" 
Les amo! voy a seguir trabajando! 3 nephi 18:32 keep ministering, keep serving, keep inviting. You never know when people might be willing to come back to Him 

May 28, 2018
Well its been a long week, but it feels like we haven’t done anything. We had divisions in our area with Elder Jiminez and Elder Stubbs. Then on Saturday we had divisions in the other part of Auditorio with Elder Novak y Elder Heredia!  Apart from that, really there’s nothing much new. I learned the importance of starting every lesson with a prayer the hard way. We are trying to teach more jovenes, but they’re so incredibly busy. Everybody seems to be using Sunday as their day to go work a little bit more or to go to the complete other side of the city. Getting investigators to church has been a little harder than usual. This Sunday the speaker was very interesting, he was a representative of the FSY program and in the middle of sacrament meeting starting calling people out in the congregation, asking them to answer questions, read scriptures, stand up, and then played and audio file on his phone over the speakers. He took forever too, we ended sacrament meeting 25 minutes late! I wont criticize though, it was a good message, it was just rather abnormal.... 
Anyway, I really don’t have much else to say! It’s hot, like really hot, but good thing we are both used to that haha. 

May 2018 Mission Council

May 2018 Mission  Council
We have been called to be official ministers of God:
    ~To do the work of the Lord here on earth
    ~To be God's chosen servants, officially called of God
       to minister in His work
    ~To do the Lords will, and represent Him,
       to act as His agents
    ~To do the necessary work of salvation for mankind

 Ministers and Missionaries- What is the difference between being an official representative of the Lord....and doing good... even much, much good?  Giving service is different than ministering.  Importance of our role in teaching, proclaiming, unfolding the Work of Salvation
      • How well do we know our fellow servants?
      • Do we depend on each other?
      • What do we know about each other?
      • Do we protect each other?
      • Do we support, sustain, and pray for each other?
      Sister Clayton's teaching on our Love for God examples of faithfulness to God- of determination, grit, and courage- of devotion, allegiance, and perseverance-
~Samuel the Lamanite
~Samuel H. Smith
~Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego
How do we measure up?  What are we 'giving up' to serve our God? What are we 'giving' to serve our God? What is the difference between sacrificing and
consecrating our efforts?
Zone Leaders giving an accounting for their zones in 4 major areas. Elder Colvin and Elder Powley in Independencia


Pictures of Auditorio in April

April 9, 2018
        Well its been another week here in Guadalajara! Not much to say, it’s kind of overwhelming right now, and it’s very strange to be back in a ward. But things are going well. Elder Powley, my new companion, is awesome and there’s a good number of investigators. El chiste is finding them in their houses. No one is every home here its ridiculous. 
       A cool experience: we had walked literally off of our map to teach a lesson that we had yesterday, but they flaked on us and weren’t home. So we made the decision to walk another half hour to another family of investigators. As we walked, we contacted a young man who had definitely been drinking but he told us he wanted us to visit his mom. So we we were walking to where his mom was, when the family we were going to visit before we contacted drove by in their car. They stopped and accompanied us to visit and even testified to her about the church even though they aren’t even members! Then after that they took us to their house and we taught them and their kids. 
       Les amo, I hope everyones going well. I don’t know what the Lord has in store for us here in Auditorio, or how long He wants us to cover the whole ward, but I know that something big is about to happen for the whole church. This Friday we should be having a baptism, a 10 year old boy from a less active family. After that, who knows, but we will find someone. 

April 24, 2018
       We went to the temple as a zone. Going to the temple again was a really special experience. I learned a lot, to say the least, and it was really refreshing.  

April 30, 2018
       Well this week has been long, with some ups and downs. Well really just one down and then the rest ups. For the first part of the week I really felt like we were just wasting time, but we weren’t really wasting time because we had to do lots of stuff to prepare for the upcoming concilio. We finished making a map for our whole zone with all the divisions for areas and wards, went to the temple, and did other little things that we had to do. We are also in the process of getting every companionship big cardboard cutouts of The Book of Mormon to use in activities or in their districts. They are big, as in 1.5 meters by 1 meter and one thats 2 meters tall for the whole zone! 
       As far as updates on the work here, as I said the first part of this week was pretty much lost... and we got home late 3 nights in a row. Actually, one night we got in the wrong bus to go home and had to walk an extra 15-20 minutes to get back to the house... but then later in the week we worked really hard to not waste time (or get home late) and saw some really cool miracles honestly. This Saturday we are having a baptism of a convert’s younger brother, and another of his brothers is really progressing a lot. I think in the next few weeks he too will want to be baptized. There’s another part member family who we set a date with who has progressed a bit, but we need to work on finding more people. I feel like I really need to work on following the Spirit more throughout the day to contact the right people, the people that can progress. Sadly, one of our families is really struggling. The parents were working on getting married, but the man has started cheating on the woman... again, o sea, it’s not the first time. It’s really sad. He doesn’t have any kids with her, but two of her kids are baptized and her oldest was just barely starting to show more and more interest. If they separate, it’s going to cause huge financial problems, but she doesn’t want to be with him anymore.  Moral of the story: Keep the law of chastity, and you will avoid a plethora of problems and trials. 
       This Sunday in church, a sick sister came to church, even though she probably ought not to have. She has lupus, like really bad lupus. and in the third hour she had a really bad "crisis" dicen aqui but I think they want to say flare, and started seizing. We gave her a blessing and they took her to a air conditioned room. We couldn’t do anything else really. The people who were taking care of her called her son, who is very less active. He came to the church to take care of her. After the third hour Hno Nefi told us she wanted to talk to us, and when we walked in she had stop seizing but you could tell she wasn’t well. She told us she wanted us to visit her son (he was right there) and told us how important it was to her, that he has an important future in the church. The love this women felt for her son was palpable and the spirit filled the room. Then moments later, she started convulsing again and became so disoriented she didn’t know where she was. We are going to visit her son today at 6 
       Every day something different happens here in Guadalajara, its a true blessing to be able to serve these people in whatever way possible.  I’m finally going to send pictures of the city! 
It’s really hot and dry right now... and there’s trash everywhere. The rivers are almost literally black.... super gross, but hopefully the rainy season will wash some of that out.
Basically everything you can see is our area. I don’t know if you can see in the panorama a big circular structure, that’s the Estadio Jalisco, a little the right of that building and a little further behind it is where our area ends. 

I thought it was a giant pinecone, but I it was actually just a tree trunk... I think... 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Transfer to Guadalajara, April Leadership Council

April 2, 2018
Easter and Passover where absolutely insane in Barra. There were not a lot of parades, but there were a few, lots of parties. LOTS OF ALCOHOL. LOTS. Lots of loud music! Barra and Melaque were packed with people. Half the people we contacted were there on vacations, but even then, some people actually took the time to listen to us.
I just got transferred to an area called Auditorio in Guadalajara. My new companion is Elder Powley and we are the zone leaders. I’m finally in the city city, and feeling kinda overwhelmed. Everything is so fast paced and I keep missing people I want or feel like I should contact. I have lots of adjusting to do. The city life is very different from the beach life. Street contacting is very different, no one stops. I’m really excited to work here. I have to say though, it’s hard to stay focused sometimes when they play Star Wars, Rogue One on the buses. Still working on the staying focused part. The nice thing is that we are in an established stake. The ward is HUGE in area, but only has about 60 active members, so there’s lots of "ministering" to do! 
General conference was amazing. I’m not sure why, but time and time again I get the feeling on the mission that when I get home and through out my life one of my first priorities has to be church service. I really feel like its something for me.

Leadership Council April 2018 - notes and photos from Sister Clayton
Our theme today was Receiving Revelation. 
President Clayton - Receiving Revelation from the Holy Ghost
Sister Clayton - Revelation through Prayer
Assistants Elder Cluff and Elder Velasquez - Revelation through Church Attendance.
Getting started with a little snack...President’s welcome and introduction 
*What did you see and feel at General Conference?
*Why was it a powerful Conference?
*Why is it important that we gain a testimony of our Prophet's prophetic calling?
The world today.. how is it changing and becoming?
~more violent
~more dangerous
~more strife
~more questioning of what is true
~There is much good...but Satan is raging.
*We must be prepared for the days ahead
*The Lord needs all of us to keep this mission moving forward.
*What you learn today - from the spirit will help you during your mission and after your mission.
*You must remember what you learn and feel from this conference.
 Revelation from the Holy Ghost. 
Receiving personal revelation for ourselves is the most important gift our Father in Heaven has given to us. Everything we do here in the mission is based on the revelation we receive. As we learn to recognize the Holy Ghost speaking to us.. guiding us, prompting us, comforting us, healing us... we are able to then help others understand this precious gift.

We must:
~be worthy to receive revelation- We must qualify ourselves to receive it
~We must obey God's laws with exactness-There will be rules and laws forever and ever. Keeping Gods commandments is a covenant we make.
~How do we receive revelation? After we pray... we must listen. We must write down our impressions, thoughts, ideas and sometimes the words we hear or that come to our minds.
~What can revelation do for us? We could talk about this all day long…. We must give gratitude for the revelation we receive and we will continue to receive more. Gratitude and humility will aid us in understanding the revelation that we have received.
~We cannot expect to hear the voice of the Lord, if we are not living correctly.. or if we stop doing the things
~D&C 43:16 And ye are to be taught from on high. Sanctify yourselves, and ye shall be endowed with power...
The promise of the Book of Mormon is this:  
If we ask God the Father-
*with a sincere heart
*with real intent
*having faith in Christ,
      The Holy Ghost will manifest the truth to all who humbly ask for it. This witness that comes from the Holy Ghost is a powerful and lasting confirmation. It has staying power, because it comes from He who is the testifier of all things. The Holy Ghost teaches us as He confirms things to us. He teaches us through our feelings, our thoughts, and in our hearts. There are many parts or pieces to securing a testimony for ourselves:
*desire to know
*attending church - partaking of the Sacrament
*reading the Book of Mormon
Gaining a testimony does not have to be puzzling, each piece or part of the process is important. If something is left out... there will be a hole or a gap in one’s testimony. Praying for a confirmation from the Holy Ghost is vital.. it is key... it is essential.