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Friday, August 4, 2017

Baptismal dates finally, and an impeding transfer

July 3, 2017
    Normal p-day not much exciting to tell.  In the afternoon I walked around super distracted after my emailing home.  I totally understand why you can only mail home once a week because it can be really distracting from the work. Later in the day we went to teach a guy in a really poor part of our area.  He is, well I think he might be a little unstable by the way he looks at us without focusing on us.  So yeah, that was our day.
July 4, 2017
    Today was interesting.  In the morning, our appointments feel through and we talked with an investigator’s crazy only grandma.  Well actually, she yelled at us.  I tried to talk in normal speech.  It was really funny actually.  First she said she went to our church and everyone made her feel dumb because they took her to gospel principles instead of Sunday School.  Then she told us that we were deceitful people and that we didn’t have God with us.  Then she started talking about how we don’t have the fundamentals.  I asked her what those fundamentals were that we were lacking.  She said, “I don’t know, but you don’t have them.”  Then I was like, “Oh Hermana, the fundamentals are faith, repentance, baptism, etc.  Christ himself taught these things.”  Then she got madder and we left.
    The rest of the day was walking around and stopping by members every now and then to say hi.  Finally in the evening we had another lesson that went really well.  This lady’s mom is going through kidney failure and doesn’t want to do dialysis.  She literally wants to die.  So our investigator was upset and worried about all that.  We decided to teach lesson 2.  It was a very good lesson even though we only taught a part of it. We ended just in time to make it home before curfew if we ran all the way.
July 5, 2017
    Today was a bit of a lazy day but it was good.  We updated the area book, looked for some people, ate in the house, had a cool lesson with V who is going to choose her baptismal date before the next lesson.  After that we had a lesson with a reference from a member.  I love reference so much!  We had the lesson in the chapel and taught all of lesson 1, which he accepted really well.  He is ready to read the Book of Mormon and go to church.  He had a little 6 year old daughter too which is super cool.  We are actually starting to find families now whereas before it was just one person.  I find it easier to teach people with a family mindset and not living the “single  life.”  I don’t know if it has to do with pride or what, but it’s just easier to teach families.
July 6, 2017
    We did our weekly planning today and I cooked in the house again. We had a weird experience today when I contacted a lady who was waiting for her parents to pick her up.  When they drove up it turned out that we had contacted them a couple of weeks ago.  We taught G with our ward mission leader and found out that she really doesn’t know anything about anything.  We saw their family bible, which was very old, but is near perfect conditions.  It hasn’t been used in a long long time, if ever.  Basically the biggest lesson I learned is that we have to teach most people very very simply in order for them to understand.  We know all this doctrine and understand scriptures, but they don’t have a clue what we are talking about half the time. You have to teach simply, boldly, and powerfully.  So yeah, I need to change the way I am teaching. Anyway for that dud of a lesson, we went and taught two investigators who don’t do anything to progress.  It was just all right I suppose.  Then we ran home like maniacs again to meet our curfew.  We were actually running faster than the cars. It felt pretty cool.
July 7, 2017
    Today was long.  We had our district class which I was not entirely prepared for so it was just okay.  Herman H. brought some no bake cookies (which were amazing) so that made everything much better.  Then we came back to our area and worked. We ate in our house again (no one has been signing up to feed us for a long time now.)  We talked with some contacts for a while.  They really didn’t want anything. The guy got started on this one subject and talked for 20 minutes without stopping.  Honestly it was creepy, and his eyes got a crazy look the more animated he got.  But they gave us tacos so I can’t complain. 
    Then we walked around some more until our evening appointment with some members and their friends.  We watched the restoration video an talked a bit about lesson 1.  The friend has some strange ideas, but that is okay.  Anything is possible if you read and pray sincerely with faith.  The night ended with another sprint home before curfew. I am tired of running, especially on cobblestone in dress shoes.
July 8, 2017
    Today was great! We taught only a few lessons, but they were really good ones.  A and E accepted a baptismal date for the 5th of August.  We took out a cement floor with a hammer and chisel.  Not exactly the best tool, but it was fun.  It was service, which always makes me feel better.  Also we were buying food (because we are still eating all of our main meals in our house) when this very drugged up guy approached us saying who knows what.  A police car showed up and the guy booked it out of there!  One cop jumped out and chased after him and the other drove off to cut him off. A few minutes later we saw the cops driving back with the guy cuffed in the bed of the truck.  Typical Saturday in Mexico!
July 9, 2018
    Well apart from church today was a little boring.  A and E and their little boy came to church today.  V. also came all by herself.  I mean, she walked by herself all the way to church.  The only problem with church is that the talks were on self sufficiency, tithing, fast offerings, and the spirit world.  Seriously.  Now, if any of them come back next week, that might be a miracle. 
    We did get fed a meal today, but had to wait forever.  We taught a lesson to F. for way too long and then we walked around in the rain for a couple of hours.  I really need to buy an umbrella, it’s kind of a problem.
July 10, 2017
    Today we had a miracle when the bus driver let us ride to Ixtopa for free.  We had interviews with President.  They wen really well actually and we learned from Hermana Clayton and the zone leader.  Nothing super new, but there is still lots of things that I have to improve on.  President basically told me that I am leaving Jardines this change.  He told me “I don’t want you buy-in property  and getting married in Vallarta.”  So I think that sends a pretty clear message.  It’s gonna be weird to move.  I have spent all of my mission by the beach.  Who knows what’s gonna happen next.  I don’t want to think about it.  

    We came home after, made some food and went out to work.  We just contacted for 2 hours and talked to a member for a while.  Pretty normal.  I'm finally starting to like contacting.  It’s a lot more satisfying when you teach doctrine and principles in the contacts.  It makes you feel like you are actually preaching.

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